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Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English


12 Voluntaries for Harpsichord or Piano

The album consists of 12 x 3 = 36 compositions for harpsichord or piano with an average playing level, although certain sections are slightly more difficult. Written for a maximum of 4 octaves, these voluntaries can even be performed on a smaller instrument. The style is tonal, light and contrapuntal. In 12 different keys.

Download 3 Voluntaries (pdf) for free. Nos. 3, 6, and 9.

Voluntary 01: Andante, Air, Allegretto. In C Major.
Voluntary 02: Allegretto, Air, Allegretto. In F Major.
Voluntary 03: Allegretto, Air, Allegro. In G Major.
Voluntary 04: Andante, Air, Allegretto. In A Minor.
Voluntary 05: Allegretto, Air, Allegretto. In D Minor.
Voluntary 06: Prelude, Allegretto, Allegro. In E Minor.
Voluntary 07: Andante, Andante, Andante. In Bb Major.
Voluntary 08: Andante, Air, Allegro. In D Major.
Voluntary 09: Andante, Air, Allegretto. In G Minor.
Voluntary 10: Andante, Air, Allegretto. In B Minor.
Voluntary 11: Adagietto, Andante, Allegretto. In C Minor.
Voluntary 12: Andante, Air, Allegretto. In D/A Major.

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3 Appetizers for Harpsichord

Free compositions for harpsichord.

Download the free music score (pdf).

01. 1. Appetizer in C Major I
02. 2. Appetizer in C Minor
03. 3. Appetizer in C Major II