Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Classical Harmony & Popular Chord Notation

If you're used to playing chord symbols, you might wonder how the classical analysis (with the Roman numerals) works. Is it that different? And is it complicated to learn? Should you study it?

This free course covers all your questions about Classical Harmony and Popular Chord Notation. After you've read it (preferably studied it), you will know whether to study classical harmony, or limit yourself to the popular notation of chords.

By the way, the original classical notation is being used in the analysis, which means that all Roman numerals are written in capital letters. The same system has been used in the USA, but under the influence of pop music musicians started to use lowercase for minor chords. As if you need to be reminded. I prefer the original European style.

Download Harmony & Chords (zip).