Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Four-part chord progressions

These four-part progressions were created by me in different keys and time signatures. The voicing of each progression is classical.

The progressions are notated for piano, the instrument used in harmony classes at conservatories, but the chords can be used in any arrangement imaginable.

The files are copyrighted, but you may use the progressions free of rights. You will receive the music-xml of each progression, so that you can import them into your notation software.

100 Chord Progressions (zip).

Music consists of more than just progressions. Download the free index of the piano album The Calendar. 366 examples of different time signatures, keys, rhythms and patterns.

Automatic Generator of Chord Progressions

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This new website includes a web application that allows you to generate over a million unique five-part progressions that sound logical.

Five-part chords sound fuller and richer than four-part chords, especially if they have been correctly voiced.

Each progression is royalty-free and suitable for classical music, film music, popular music and for educational projects. Download each progression as a music-xml, which you can transpose and edit in notation software and then convert to midi.